Sunday, September 7, 2008

Provided Equipment

I Will Provide the following for the Game:

1. All roll charts
2. All maps
3. Waypoint Key Book
4. Downloadable Routes
5. Geocache Coordinates in two formats: lon/Lat (MinDec) and UTM
6. List of Maps for Researching needs

7. Emergency Contact
8. UTM Card image for downloading
9. Free Group Camping
10. Fuel Transport To Anderson Mesa intersection (Rider provides own fuel and container)
11. Locked U-Haul Truck at Camp Site

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Park, Flagstaff AZ

Coconino GC21
N 34 54.564'
W 111 32.056'

Super fun moto park in volcanic crater

Type: Traditional

Accessed by FS-91B

Look for the Oaktrees between the Ponderosa Pines.

Exit Option:
Take the obvious 2T to the NorthEast...this circles around the crater back to the main body of The Park.

South Walnut Cnyn TH, Flagstaff AZ

Coconino GC23
N 35 09.790'
W111 31.517'

Rocky descents- technical approach

Type: Traditional

Along perimeter of fence outside of boundary.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Garden, Flagstaff AZ

Coconino GC25
N 34 55.515'
W 111 33.170'

Techy Rocky Hill Climb

Type: Traditional & starter for Multi-cache

1. Off of FS-226 (Where it meets FS-700)
2. Locate waypoint: W1
N 34 55.515'
W 111 33.170'

3. Use direct routing to GC25
4. Stay left at immediate "Y" on trail.

Located inside burned-hollow of tall oak tree.

Strictly Organic, Flagstaff AZ

Coconino GC27
Coordinates Temporarily Secret

Type: Traditional

Located inside Stump

Find Coconino GC25 first for instructions.